On Set With Julie Cash


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Julie Cash BlacksOnBlondes.com
The site that launched a thousand imitators (all bad) has done it again.We’ve just shot Julie Cash for the world famous Blacks On Blondes and we couldn’t wait to post a couple of teaser pics. Julie Cash was brought to our attention via our twitter account, @dogfartnetwork. One glance at this busty whore and calls were made to secure her a slot at the world’s best interracial site. Julie’s enormous tits got to our studio 5 minutes before she did and we knew that things were gonna rock from that point on. Now, who do we shoot her with? The line of black guys willing to fuck her honey pot could reach to Jupiter but we only had one swordsman in mind: Jack Napier. Jack’s big black cock had an invitation to the sweet box between Julie Cash’ legs. However, would she be able to fuck the biggest black cock she’d ever been given? Julie squashed those worries when she gave up the pussy for some behind-the-scenes action that we got on our HD camera. Julie’s pussy slowly swallowed as much of Jack’s big, black cock as possible. Those awesome tits of hers? They shook as Jack’s black cock made its way up that snatch hole.

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Exclusively at Black On Blondes: Khloe Kush Meets Mandingo

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Khloe Kush BlacksOnBlondes.com
Most girls skip around town with the hopes of getting into some kind of mischief. Khloe Kush bought a plane ticket to L.A in order to seek out the legendary Mandingo. Khloe loves interracial porn and the sight of Mandingo’s big, black cock always gets her off when she’s home. However , she now wants the real thing and is all over town looking for his massive black cock. Khloe, after no luck, goes back home to masturbate to his likeness when the real mccoy comes through. Khloe wears a smile on her face that can’t be wiped off , and after admiring his black cock she sucks it with gusto. Khloe Kush can’t believe she has only part of Mandingo’s huge slab of beef in her mouth and it’s enough to get her pussy dripping wet. Khloe continues to slobber over Mandingo’s black tree trunk until she decides to slide him in…..one inch at a time, of course. Mandingo’s huge black cock slowly drills deep inside Khloe in order to avoid her flying back home with a ruptured pussy. Khloe’s beautiful beef curtains shake as a big, black cock makes its way up her stomach and into her rib cage. The screaming coming from such a small package is unreal and Mandingo’s third leg continues to pound that little white pussy. Khloe’s ordeal only comes to a halt when her once-tight pussy hugs Mandingo’s black coco to the point of no return. The result? Khloe Kush gets a blast of black goo to the face that nearly gives her whiplash


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Lola Foxx: New To Video

Lola Foxx BlacksOnBlondes.com
It’s always a great day when we’re able to get a black cock slut’s first scene.Lola Foxx has never done video, nude modeling, webcam, etc. The only time Lola Foxx gets fucked is where there’s no audio/video equipment nearby……until now. Lola Foxx came to us in order to fulfill a desire to:

1-Get fucked on camera for the Kings Of Interracial Porn

2-That cock would have to be big, black and willing to go nonstop for nearly an hour. Lola never fucked a black guy and wanted it to be caught on HD camera.

We could satisfy that request as long as she knew they’re be no love making or anything that could be considered “vanilla sex”. No. She was coming to Dogfart and her white pussy would  never be the same again. Lola (over the phone) had a nervous giggle and we were soon printing out paperwork. Lola got to the studio and an hour later she was living out two milestones she always dreamed of: Fucking on camera for the first time and getting her first black cock. We could have let her get slammed until the next morning but were afraid her pussy would fall out onto our studio floor. Nevertheless, Lola Foxx is now an interracial sex expert and you can find her first ever scene at BlackOnBlondes.com

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Alanah Rae Is The Black Cock Queen

Alanah Rae @ BlacksOnBlondes.com
It’s now official: Alanah Rae’s scene for Blacks On Blondes has dethroned Annette Schwartz as the top rated scene for the Interracial site that spawned a thousand imitators.  Annette’s gang bang rating was just edged out by Alanah’s performance
However, Annette has nothing to be ashamed of. Annette took on  five feet of black cock in every available and walked out of out studio in a bow-legged manner. The one thing these black cock sluts have in common is just that…….they’re always begging for their next show of thick, black cock and will do just about anything to score. Annette’s bump to second place only means that we’re constantly on the lookout for the next white girl whose only purpose in life is to drain the closest black cock. Alanah Rae told us, as she was in the makeup chair, that she loves interracial sex and she couldn’t wait to let her male talent slam his beefsicle deep inside her white pussy. Alanah’s scene is now up. See for yourself why we have a new Queen of black cock and you get membership to our 19 other sites. Please, keep extra kleenex near by.

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A Very Pregnant Hydii May

Hydii May @ BlacksOnBlondes.com
We’re always listening to our fans and we’re delivering another request: pregnant porn with a touch of black cock. Hydii’s just about to drop and she’s no stranger to our network of sites. She’s had several doses of big, black cock as you can see her here fucking while ready to drop . Hydii came back to us because her flaccid white boyfriend just isn’t doing it anymore. Actually, he never was but he got his small dick hard enough to knock her up. However, he’s flaked on her for their baby shower and she’s beyond pissed. Chilly Chill, her man’s friend, stopped by and she can’t help but be smitten by his charming ways. The thought of cheating on her man is too much to take in but revenge is in order. Hydii and Chilly Chill spend the next 40 minutes tearing that room apart and her pussy will never go back to it’s old shape. Chilly Chill is delicate enough not to jab the baby but aggressive enough that it’s guaranteed she’ll never go back to white cock. Pregnant AND interracial porn? We got you covered at all times!

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